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Marysville Stampede

The Marysville Stampede is an annual celebration of the western and rodeo heritage. For over 85 years the Stampede has provided local entertainment, at an affordable price!

Many of the proceeds of this event benefit the community with support of the Yuba County and Sutter County Sheriff’s Posses, the Marysville Fire Department, the Friends of the Yuba-Sutter Fair, Active 20/30 Club, Marysville Rotary, local schools, other non-profit organizations and of course our committee the Friends of the Marysville Stampede Committee which is made up of local area business owners and leaders who volunteer their time.
The success of the Marysville Stampede is also very much dependent on the event sponsors. We would like to thank the businesses and individuals that have participated with financial support and services over the years. With the help of our sponsors, community volunteers and our staff, the Rosser family and Flying U Rodeo Company strive to bring the best and only Professional Sport, to the Yuba-Sutter area.
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Cotton Rosser, also called the "King of the Cowboys" is a living legend in the western and rodeo world. He is known for his quality of rodeo production. After a tragic tractor accident ended his career as an up-and-coming rodeo champion, Cotton purchased the Flying U Rodeo Company. For many years now, Cotton and his family have worked hard to make the Flying U one of the most successful rodeo stock contracting and production companies in Professional Rodeo. Cotton has been known for many years now for his colorful opening ceremonies and entertaining rodeo productions. According to Cotton, "rodeo is not just a sport, but show business where the people in grandstands are the most important part of the show." With this belief, the audience must be entertained or they will go elsewhere to spend their hard-earned dollar.
Cotton and Reno Rosser, alongside the Flying U family and crew strive to do just that, traveling many miles each year, playing to audiences all over the western United States.
While the journey to produce rodeos for Flying U happens across the western United States, Marysville, CA, and the "Marysville Stampede" is the official hometown rodeo for Flying U. If you live near Marysville, we hope you make the journey to our annual rodeo. There is nothing better than hearing our rodeo fans, in our hometown!
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