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Stampede Committee
The Friends of the Maysville Stampede "Rodeo Committee" was formed in 2014, as a result of a dream to see community support of the local rodeo. This dream was put into action upon further recruitment of additional community members with a mutual interest. As a result of the efforts of the Friends of the Stampede, the kick-off party was given additional momentum and presence, the Cattle Drive was reinstated, a Business Competition and Youth Coloring Competition were formed, a ladies only Cowgirl Soiree fundraiser started and an official Youth Ag Scholarship was put in to place.

Meet the 2023 Stampede Committee

Star Amato

Celeste Brown

Diana Conger

Nancy Elrod

Barbara Fincher

Robyn Harlan

Shannon Jacobsen

Jamie Keith

Ellie Landers

Tom Lininger

Nikki Rogers

Karin Rosser

Katharine Rosser

Nicole Rosser

Reno Rosser

Kellie Sheeran

Steve Springer

Tina Williams

Volunteer of the Year
Since the start of the Friends of the Marysville Stampede Committee, the Flying U Rodeo Company has awarded a "Volunteer of the Year Award" for outstanding service to our community by way of rodeo efforts. Throughout the years awards have been given to both committee members and individuals from the community, who have gone above and beyond in their volunteer efforts.

Award Recipients Include:
2014 - Jackie Sillman & Nicole Rosser
2015 - Sandee Drown & Ken Alameida
2016 - Tina Williams
2017 - Jamie Keith & Lonnie Tucker
2018 - Greg Erwin & Robyn Harlan
2019 - Star Amato
2020 - No Rodeo
2021 - Elizabeth Bhatti & Diana Conger
2022 - Shannon Jacobsen & Mark Hauck

2022 Volunteers of the Year: Mark Hauck & Shannon Jacobsen

Past Award Recipients:

Page 10 a.jpg

2018 - Greg Erwin


2019 - Star Amato


2021 - Elizabeth Bhatti & Diana Conger

Cowgirl Soiree Committee
The Soiree was formed for the purpose of expanding the scope and ability to give back to the western and agricultural community. All Soiree proceeds are utilized for assisting youth in agriculture. Proceeds have been used to sponsor rodeo kids, scholarships for junior rodeo competitors and to support kids at the Junior Livestock Auction at the Yuba-Sutter Fair. With over 240 attendees, this sold-out event gives out two awards each year: Women in Agriculture and Cowgirl Spirit. Both awards honor women in the field of western heritage and agriculture. 
Meet the 2023 Cowgirl Soiree Committee
Soiree Committee Pic.jpg

Valerie Chesini

Heather Coots

Megan Grima

Sarah McKinzie

Nicole Rosser

Cherie Stephens

Jennifer Traynham

Tina Williams

Western Heritage Awards
Rena and Dana (daughter).jpg

2022 Women in Agriculture: Rena Scheiber 

Stacy Dutra Pic.jpg

2022 Cowgirl Spirit: Stacy Dutra

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